Buy Now ID Diam Type Dopant Orien Res (Ohm-cm) Thick (um) Polish Grade Lead Time Quantity 1 Unit Price 5 Unit Price 10 Unit Price 25 Unit Price 50 Unit Price 100 Unit Price 200 Unit Price 500 Unit Price Description
Add Bk7 to Cart 1082 50.8mm N Te (100) (4.9~11)E-3 485um SSP Prime In Stock 94 $100.00 $80.00 $70.00 $60.00 $50.00 Mobility: 3600-3800 cm2/VsEtch Pit Density (EPD): < 8,000cm2carrier concentration (1.6~3.3)e17 />c.c.
Add Bk7 to Cart 1676 50.8mm N (100) 0.0221 475um SSP SEMI Prime In Stock 1 $277.50 $277.50 Nc=7E16 /cc u=4090 cm^2/Vs EPD < 3.e4 />cm^2
Add Bk7 to Cart 1965 50.8mm Intrinsic (100) >10,000,000 500um SSP Prime In Stock 6 $175.00 $169.00 $94.00 $88.00 TTV < 10um, 2 semi flats. resistivity>1.0 x 107 Ohm‐cm.

Material Information

Compounded from the elements Gallium and Arsenic. GaAs is used in the manufacture of devices such as microwaves, integrated circuits, monolithic microwave integrated circuits, infrered lieght-emitting diodes, laser diodes, solar cells and optical windows.

GaAs has higher saturated electron velocity and higher electron mobility than Silicon Wafers.

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